Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seoul Korea, Taman Danao Desa, KL

Yen has recommended this long ago, now only I have a chance to try it out. Went for a healthcare talk in Pantai Hospital Bangsar in the morning,  then we swing by Tmn Desa to try this... for a two person lunch, we ordered quite some food...

1. Bulgogi Steamboat (Pork) for 2 persons - RM30
2. Seafood pancake - RM20

Rice, cold water, side dishes and fruits are served for free, and the total bill cost at RM50.



1. Deep fried pork nuggets

2. Cucumber & long bean

3. Stir fried jellyfish

4. Kim Chi

5. White radish

6. Teriyaki sauce chicken
7. Deep fried cucumber

8. Seaweed sprinkled with sugar & white sesame

9. Honey glazed fried squid
Bulgogi Steamboat

Seafood pancake


  Vinegar sauce for seafood pancake

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