Monday, May 25, 2009

2nd Day in Saigon (16th May 2009)

I had indeed a good sleep, woke up like 9am in the morning, had simple bfast in the hotel.

A bus-ride from Ben Thanh Market to Chợ Lớn only cost VND3,000 (RM0.60).

Cho Lon literally means "big" (lon) & "market" (cho). There are many Chinese live in Cho Lon district. It is in fact the Chinatown of HCM city. We spent most of our time in food court.

1. Roti...

2. Snack - spring rolls

3. Snack - grill banana and sticky rice

with coconut juice...

By the time we reached city, it was time for lunch. PHO 2000 is one of the famous noodle house in town, the fame was gained because formal US president Bill Clinton had beef noodle here back in year 2000 duirng his visit to Vietnam.

PHO 2000

1-3 D Phan Chu Trinh,

Ho Chi Minh City

Challenge 1

Vietnamese Beef Noodle

My favourite drink in Vietnam - ICE YOGHURT

Yoghurt ice cream, tried it on my way to Reunification Palace & War Remnants Museum.

After the long walk, we went TEMPLE CLUB. Highly recommended by most travellers and bloggers, it is a high-end restaurant, attached to an equally elegant bar & lounge, serving delectable Vietnamese cuisine.

Temple Club
29 Ton That Thiep St
District 1, Around Town

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